Click and Collect

Marketing compliance meets last-mile Delivery compliance for hyperlocal click and collect attribution powered by AI. Cphere™ + Grassp technologies have combined to create frictionless customer-centric shopping experiences using omni-channel D2C eCommerce, automation & fulfillment technology.

Grassp Delivery LogisticsReal-Time Sales Attribution

Marketing Compliance Meets Delivery Compliance

Together we empower brands looking to understand their marketing effectiveness with compliant hyperlocal attribution tools. By combining end-to-end compliance systems we increase brand reach, awareness, loyalty and fulfillment with AI powered Martech informed by the SherloC data marketplace. Improving customer experiences, sales ROI and public health & safety.

Purchase Intent: Personalize Product Discovery

Use customer insights to drive brand engagement and increase sales. Use anonymized purchase intent data to personalize brand communications, customer experiences, increase cart value, drive ROAS and optimize eCommerce fulfillment for your hyperlocal service area at scale.

Sales Attribution: Delivering Elevated Experiences

Central management, marketplace expertise, brand protection, eCommerce automation and multi-channel fulfillment technology all in one place. Strategically deploy data-driven digital communications informed by verified Location IQ + Compliance IQ + Customer IQ. Scale reach to eligible in-market audiences with approved creative assets across premium canna-compliant ad inventory. Drive users through an integrated process flow to automate sales fulfillment workflows and deliver elevated experiences.

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