About 80% of what you can do in the advertising world is locked off to cannabis brands… until now.

Programmable AI Powered Marketing Communications

Artificial intelligence is taking over the world of advertising. With the right data, AI powered MarTech can help brands identify patterns in customer data and communications at scale. Predict what changes need to be made to improve campaign results and achieve key performance indicators (KPIs) in just a matter of seconds. AI powered MarTech can help reach and convert customers brands didn’t even know existed.

Location Analytics for Customer & Competitive Insights

Access the largest and most precise location events database in the market. Build better customer experiences with location intelligence. CompliantC™ AI processes billions of anonymous opt-in mobile location signals from millions of mobile devices every day to understand where people go and why.

Scale Brand Connections with Cannabis Shoppers

Reach engaged customers with anonymized, fraud-free mobility data built on places and events people visit in the real world. Scale customer engagement, discovery and brand loyalty. Gain competitive intelligence with insights that reflect your customers real-world behavior. Location events provide context and signal higher consumer commitment and engagement.

Our Story

Cphere™ leadership brings years of valuable experience, having executed on $150M in digital ad spend at leading global AdTech and MarTech companies with multiple $100M+ exits. Developing AI frameworks, complex compliance and marketing communications systems, in addition to consulting Fortune 100|500 brands & agencies on data-driven strategies that drive business outcomes across digital marketing channels. With more than 12 years of operational multi-market cannabis compliance experience and over 15 years executing for leading global brands & agencies, our team brings a wealth of knowledge to marketers looking to execute at the highest level. CompliantC™ AI is powering the future of compliant data-driven programmatic advertising, scaling brand connections with cannabis shoppers using the most sophisticated AI optimized MarTech platform the cannabis industry has to offer. Enhancing compliance, ad fraud protections and generating ROI for cannabis brands, while improving health and safety with customers online. 

The Future for Compliant programmatic is here.

Compliance + Data + Measurement


David Johnson

CEO I Founder

Tyler Rubin

CTO & CFO I Founder

Dr. Sean Young, PhD

Chief Data Science Advisor, Advanced Analytics & AI - Government Affairs | Public Health & Safety

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