Ad Inventory Compliance

Safely monetize canna-ads with CompliantC™ publisher tools.



Compliant Creative-Ad Serving

Ensure user privacy audience targeting and ad regulation compliance.

Compliant Eligible Customers

Access cannabis advertisers operating in compliance with state & local guidelines.

Compliant Canna-Advertisers

Increase trust, CPMs and yields scaling compliant brand connections.

CompliantC™ Artificial Intelligence

CompliantC™ AI is a central cognitive decision-making system utilizing advanced AI frameworks. Aggregating, segmenting & analyzing a variety of rich data sources, including proximity-based ad regulations, to build compliant, fraud-free marketing intelligence for digital advertising. Now cannabis brand marketers can use AI to compliantly reach the right in-market shoppers using contextual or data-driven programmable media, across premium ad inventory approved for cannabis. 

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Monetize Compliant Licensed Cannabis & CBD Advertisers

Add a short line a javascript code to create custom invite-only cannabis ad inventory using CompliantC™ publisher tools to deliver unique inventory, high quality audiences and higher CPMs.

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Multi-Market Compliance Experience

State-by-State Cannabis Regulations

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