Public Health and Safety

Leading academic research institutes and public health & safety officials trust Cphere™ AI, compliance technology & data systems to analyze and deliver mass communications that inform & mobilize local communities for social good. Improving public awareness, education & risk mitigation while driving positive behavioral actions & safety outcomes at scale.

Trusted Technology: Enhancing Public Health &  Safety

Cphere™ is a trusted research, data and technology partner of prestigious cognitive psychology & predictive technology institutes. Together we collaborate to uncover ways new technology, such as AI, can improve public health & safety. Recently, the UC Institute for Prediction Technology at UCLA Health were one of only 75 groups across the globe to work on COVID-19 research and response. Analyzing community mobility, providing safety recommendations to National Institute of Health, and executing the deployment of safety protection measures meant to protect communities. Cphere™ technology, compliance and data systems were used to communicate with at risk community members exhibiting mobility during COVID stay-at-home mandates across 5 major U.S. cities.

Compliant Connections: Community Awareness

Cphere™ partners with PhD data scientists and statisticians from leading academic research institutes at UC Institute for Prediction Technology, UCLA Health and UCI School of Medicine. Cphere™ technologies has been used to improve public health & safety, risk mitigation and community response times. Keeping privacy top of mind, we use compliant anonymized data and communications tools to increase awareness, education, preparation and safety protections during public health & safety events. Improving governing bodies ability to engage, mobilize and protect communities for the greater social good.

Digital Communications: Behavioral Outcomes

Enhance the ability to reach and communicate with hyperlocal or national audiences, to increase awareness and education of existing public health & safety events. A-B test digital messaging, drive engagement and optimize campaign effectiveness using compliance AI. Reach local community members and improve awareness with personalized digital media meant to alert, inform and drive positive behavioral outcomes with trusted public health & safety officials.

Compliance + Data + Measurement

Prediction Technology + Public Health & Safety Experts

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