Data-Driven Audience Strategy

Enhance knowledge of core customers and discover customers you never knew existed with SherloC™ Audience Activation. Industry leading data providers informing targeted programmatic communications.


First-Party CRM Data On-BoardingSecond-Third Party Data Enrichment

Data On-Boarding: Understand Core Customers

Upload first-party CRM into a secure cloud-based data locker to gain an understanding of your core audience and where to find more who look just like them. Enhance your core customer insights with second-third party data enrichment and reach future customers demonstrating similar behavioral characteristics.

Data Enrichment: Discover New Strategic Audiences

Combine man + machine to discover quality audiences and future customers by mapping against HIPAA compliant health care data, cookieless ID resolution, anonymized mobility data, intent-based behaviors, purchase preferences, predictive analytics, AI & look-alike audience modeling.

Audience Activation: Personalized Communications

Strategically deploy data-driven digital communications informed by verified Location IQ + Compliance IQ + Customer IQ. Scale reach to eligible in-market audiences with creative assets approved for premium ad inventory.

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